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It is Not Your History

“Why should we learn U.S. history when we are from Central America? That makes no sense,” said one of my high school peers during a history class. Although it was a trivial remark made more than two years ago, I still vividly remember questioning the same thing myself. Why should […]


Speak Your Truth

It’s a beautiful moment when someone shares their truth. Whether it’s their mental health journey, how they survived a broken relationship, or revealing a hidden part of their identity, when an individual lives their truth boldly, it causes observers to pause for a moment and reflect. They begin to ask […]


Black History Month

February is Black History Month, the annual celebration of the achievements by African Americans and an opportunity to recognize their role in American history. Although efforts to establish an official black history month began in the early 1900s and celebrations occurred across the nation in the 1970s, it was not […]


Things to do in NWA When it’s Cold

Whether you are looking to get out of your dorm with your friends this weekend or are searching for a quiet Saturday night activity, Northwest Arkansas has plenty of engaging opportunities for John Brown University students. Here are ten ideas to help keep you warm in the last weeks of […]


Colorado University Offers New Major in Cannabis

The U.S.’s first bachelor’s degree in cannabis was announced at Colorado State University-Pueblo. The new major is geared towards educating students in the needs of the thriving cannabis industry. CSU-Pueblo has had a 22-credit cannabis Studies Minor since 2016. According to a report released by CSU-Pueblo, students will take classes […]


Public Charge Rule to Limit Visa Applications

What would you sacrifice for someone you love? Would you endure physical and sexual violence? Would you leave the comfort of your own home to be exposed to risks such as abduction, exploitation or even death? That is the case for approximately 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. as […]


What Iowa Caucus Means for 2020 Election

Early this month, the 2020 election cycle continued with the controversial Iowa Caucus. The purpose of the Iowa Caucus is for the people of Iowa to get together and discuss who they want to win both the party-based nominations as well as the presidency in general. However, the events that […]


“But our Global Climate has Always Fluctuated!”

The challenge of leaning into climate change research is engaging in hard conversations with children and adults. I distinctly remember a conversation I had with my 11-year-old brother over Thanksgiving break about climate change. We were lacing our shoes to go on a nice jog on the trail behind our […]


I’m a Product of White Privilege

More than 400 years ago in 1619, white Europeans thought they were a superior people group, so they raided a country and literally shackled thousands of Africans toa new identity, a foreign land and a ghastly lifestyle of slavery. According to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn., the […]