Author: Samuel Cross-Meredith

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Local shops bring in steady Black Friday profits

On Black Friday, the few retail stores in Siloam Springs explode with Christmas shoppers looking for the best deals. Thanksgiving weekend is terryifying for retail industry employees. Walmart repurposes holiday hires as traffic directors. Lines stretch and curve around electronics stores such as GameStop. What may be trouble for the […]


Athletics spur special pride and commitment

The Razorbacks have become a sort of symbol for Arkansan pride as the team that Arkansans across the state rally around. From Texarkana to Jonesboro, few towns escape the crimson flags of the Razorbacks. Such pride is not unique to Arkansas. United States citizens across the nation have been giving […]


Quebec restricts religious expression

Hundreds of Muslim women in the Canadian province of Quebec must now remove their veils and go uncovered as they use civilly maintained services after the controversial passage of a new bill by Quebec’s government. Oct. 18 saw the passage of Bill 62, or, by its full name, “an act […]


Canada close in distance but not identity

Canada and the United States, two countries with parallel beginnings, have marked differences. The United States famously fought for and won its independence with a clattering of cannon fire and complicated political maneuvers. Canada, in contrast, negotiated its independence with the British crown, through a series of conferences that resulted […]


March of the DREAMers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. In a move considered controversial by Democrats and Republicans alike, President Donald Trump called to end the Consideration for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. The program, established through executive order by President Barack Obama, allowed both deferred action and its renewal for undocumented immigrants in […]


JBU commemorates victims of 9/11 attacks

For many of the students at John Brown University, 9/11 is a distant memory. Many students were too young to see the implications of the attacks, or even to fully understand what was happening at all, but for adult citizens of the United States, the attacks were terrifying. While there […]


Opioid use fuels further addiction

Opioid addiction in the United States has claimed thousands of lives. According to American Society of Prescription Medicine, in 2015, there were over 52,000 recorded deaths from opioid overdose. Four out of five current heroin addictions started with prescription painkillers. Opioids have proven themselves to be a huge problem across […]