Author: Clancie Sorrell

Thank your farmer today

Thank your farmer today

And on the eighth day, God made a farmer—before the sun came up on the ninth day, the farmer had milked the cows, fed the camels, sheered the sheep, planted the corn, hauled the hay and hoed the garden. Between the first farmers toiling the relentless ground to today’s farmers […]


Bowling and Caudle garner prestigious awards

Instead of spending all of spring break on the beach or in the mountains, the players sprinted up and down the court, preparing for their last games of the season. As other students went to Colorado, Texas and Atlanta, senior John Brown University basketball players finished their decorated careers in […]


JBU basketball bestowed with honors for season play

After 33 games, months of practice, and hours on the court, four John Brown University basketball seniors earned a selection to their respective All-Conference team. The conference team honored Jake Caudle, Baily Cameron, Josh Bowling and Karina Chandra for their hard work and refined basketball skills on Thursday, Feb. 28, […]


Hall of Fame grants membership to six inductees

After five years of dedicating time to John Brown University’s athletic program, alumni, coaches and players are eligible for the Hall of Fame. The hall just recognized 6 prestigious athletes. On Feb. 16, 2019, approximately 115 people gathered to recognize the new members to JBU’s Athletics Hall of Fame, which […]


Churches confront challenges in racial reconciliation

Today, 86 percent of American churches lack any meaningful racial diversity, according to the Equal Justice Initiative. A study published by Baylor University reported that “the percentage of immigrants in multiracial congregations decreased from over 5 percent in 1998 to under 3 percent in 2012.” The same report wrote that […]