Author: Carlson Wakefield


Sowers Breaks Barriers for Coaches

The San Francisco 49ers made history on Feb. 2 when Katie Sowers became the first female to coach in a Super Bowl. While Sowers debut in the Super Bowl was historic, she isn’t the only female coach making waves across professional sports. Sowers has been a skill position coach for […]


Yearbook reveals blackface of Virginian leadership

Two Virginia state politicians received accusations of wearing blackface and another faces accusations of sexual assault, but despite the latest news, none of the three politicians have stepped down. Ralph Northam, the democratic Governor of Virginia, was the first exposed for using blackface. Someone discovered his 1984 medical school yearbook […]


JBU celebrates 100 years of Christ over all

In 1919, Woodrow Wilson was president, the Boston Red Sox traded Babe Ruth and John E. Brown formed Southwestern Collegiate Institute. This college would later be renamed John E. Brown College, and later, John Brown University. JBU is celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2019. John E. Brown founded JBU to […]

Kip Rolland elevates shoe game on campus

Kip Rolland elevates shoe game on campus

Shoe customization isn’t something that most people would choose as a hobby, much less as a part-time job. The process is difficult, time consuming and expensive. However, Kip Roland, a sophomore entrepreneurship and innovation major, has taken his love for shoes and used it to start his own customization business, […]