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COLUMN: Go vote, JBU

Every four years, politicians, media personnel, authoritative figures, and fellow students urge us to vote as “this is the most important election of our lives.” While every election is important, the political climate that has evolved this year has made the coming election of the highest gravity. The next president […]

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QAnon explained: From fringe to mainstream?

Editor’s Note: This is the second part of the “QAnon explained” series. What was previously considered a marginal community found in the depths of internet forums has turned into a mainstream ideology propagated all over social media, news outlets and even our political system.   QAnon is a far right-wing […]

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A Voter’s Guide to Ballots

Nov. 3 is nearing and students need to have a solid understanding when it comes to voting in this year’s election. Over 90 million eligible voters did not use their right in the 2016 election. Uncertainty can hold many back from voting, but a clear voter’s guide may encourage more […]

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Issue 3: Citizen Initiative Process

Citizens’ initiative—citizens’ ability to add a referendum to the ballot by gathering enough signatures—has long been a laudable feature of a working democracy. Issue 3 on the Arkansas Ballot—called Changing Arkansas’ Citizen Initiative Process, Votes Required for Legislative Ballot Issue Proposals and Publication Requirement—seeks to increase the number of signatures […]

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Issue 2: Arkansas Term Limits

As Arkansas voters prepare to cast their ballots this election, they will be asked to vote on term limits for their state legislators. Issue 2, Changing General Assembly Term Limits and Allowing Re-Election upon a Break in Service, has the popular name of the “Arkansas Term Limits Amendment.” This amendment […]

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Issue 1: Transportation Sales Tax

On Nov. 3, Arkansas voters have the opportunity to vote for or against a half-percent sales tax on Issue 1, which was moved to the ballot by Arkansas lawmakers. The name on the ballot for Issue 1 is the Transportation Sales Tax Continuation Amendment. This half-percent sales tax is currently […]