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Hulu show gives Siloam momentum

Historic Downtown Siloam Springs moves beyond local appreciation towards national recognition for its classic beauty and entrepreneurial spirit. Out of over 15, 000 cities that applied, Small Business Revolution chose Siloam Springs to be considered for the third season of its show on Hulu. Siloam Springs entered the top five […]

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New Year, Same Me

It’s that time of the year again. Salad sales and gym memberships are skyrocketing and the phrase “new year, new me” somehow gets woven into every conversation. New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to improve aspects of your life, but resolutions can also often end in disappointment and […]

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Local shops bring in steady Black Friday profits

On Black Friday, the few retail stores in Siloam Springs explode with Christmas shoppers looking for the best deals. Thanksgiving weekend is terryifying for retail industry employees. Walmart repurposes holiday hires as traffic directors. Lines stretch and curve around electronics stores such as GameStop. What may be trouble for the […]

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Honduras presidential race ignites chaos

Honduras is facing political and social turmoil during a tense and complicated presidential election in which the final result of the election has yet to be released. To quell the violent protest brought on by the angered citizens, a ten day curfew was imposed on Friday, Dec. 1, which lasted […]

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Tesla stays quiet over largest blackout in U.S.

Tech billionaire and business magnate Elon Musk attempted to address power outages in South Australia and Peurto Rico. Musk made good on promises to quell the recent spate of power outages plaguing Australia due to a recent storm. Well ahead of the 100-day schedule, Musk connected his massive lithium-ion battery […]

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Save the Storks to aid NWA women

Save the Storks and Loving Choices—two non-profit, pro-life organizations—band together to lower abortion rates in America. Save the Storks parks Mobile Medical Units outside of abortion clinics, public events and university campuses to offer free sonograms, counseling, and other services to women struggling with crisis pregnancies. Four out of five […]