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Colombian students doubt peace accords

Columbian president Juan Manuel Santos signed a peace accord before the public had a chance to vote to end the war with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or the FARC (acronym in Spanish), and received a Nobel prize for ending the war. Santos held the signing ceremony before the […]

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Matthew leaves devastation in Caribbean

Hurricane Matthew powered its way through the Caribbean, leaving a mass of destruction in its wake. In Haiti alone, which was hit hardest by the storm, 280 people died in the category 4 hurricane, according to Haitian Interior Minister Francois Anick Joseph. The remainder of people died in the Dominican […]

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Venezuela’s failing foreign friendships

  Over the past few decades, falling oil prices and the overall instability of the Venezuelan government have set Venezuela into massive inflation. As Venezuela stops international trade, super markets are finding it harder to get products, hospitals are running out of medication and acquiring even basic amenities such as […]

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White Helmets risk lives, aid Syria

Over 50 bombs and mortars are dropped each day in Syria, each one destroying communities and leaving people homeless. Each time this happens, the White Helmets rush in to help people regardless of their religion or political views. The White Helmets, also referred to as the Syrian Civil Defense, is […]

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Two gunman dead in Kashmir standoff

    Tensions deflated in Kashmir last Wednesday as the Indian military killed two Kahmiri gunmen who had taken an Indian government building. Kashmir is jointly governed by Pakistan and India, and has been a disputed territory since the regions gained independence from Great Britain in 1947. India and Pakistan […]

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Russian economy declines in face of sanctions

Russia’s economy is currently declining due to the decrease in oil prices and increase in sanctions. Moscow, Russia’s capital, has become so dependent on energy sales that for each dollar the price of oil falls, Russia loses approximately $2 billion in potential sales, according to Time, a national and world […]

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Tensions grow between North and South Korea

North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a nuclear warhead with the capability of being mounted on ballistic rockets, on September 10. While there is no definite way of verifying this, if the success they claim is true, Pyong Yang would have to be considered a nuclear state; leaders from […]

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Violence in Syria after failed cease-fire

As the relationship between Russia and the U.S. worsens, Syria and its people continue to suffer in a war-torn environment. The blame game has been in full force after the end of Syria’s short-lived ceasefire. The U.S. has been quick to blame Russia for its abrupt end, pointing to the […]

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Obama promises $38 billion to Israel

The U.S. has promised $38 billion to the state of Israel over the next 10 years, the largest sum that the U.S. has ever promised to any country in its history. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Wednesday, September 7 to finalize the deal between the two […]

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Brazil’s president impeached, crime escalates

Brazil’s senate voted to remove recently suspended President Dilma Rousseff from office on Wednesday, August 31. Roussef was impeached for “fiscal irregularities” after a five-month long suspension that was a result of the president’s corrupt tactics to hide the extent of the country’s financial problems. Michel Temer, Roussef’s successor, was […]