Fact-Checking Election Night Live 2020

Editor’s Note: The Election Night Live 2020 coverage has ended. Stay tuned for more election results in our Nov. 12 issue.

“Early voters have transformed the 2020 election. ”

-Megan Sumpter

This is true.

According to Snopes, an article by the Associated Press confirmed that over 21,000,000 Americans voted before Election Day . 

“Not finding out the results of the election tonight does not mean it is fraud.”

– David Bennett 

This is true.

According to Snopes, mail-in ballots are allowed to be counted after Election Day.

“Things have been fine for decades and decades.”

– Eric Metaxas 

This is false.

According to Snopes, several articles were posted by the Associated Press revealing a number of issues Trump was willing to shut down the government over, and even followed through in 2019.

“Pennsylvania is allowed to count mail in votes and early votes for up to three days after Election Night .”

– Miguel Rivera  

This is true.

According to Snopes, Pennsylvania is one state of many that allows mail in ballots and other early votes to be counted for around three days after Election Night.

“North Carolina can continue to count mail-in votes until November 12th, nine days after Election Night.”

– Bella Bennett  

This is true.

According to Snopes, North Carolina mail-in ballots need to have arrived by 5 p.m. on November 3rd but can be counted until nine days after the initial Election Night.