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New Campus Pantry Seeks to Combat Food Insecurity

Synonymous with care packages stuffed with Ramen noodles and midnight Waffle House runs, the words “college student” often seem to jokingly imply “hunger” or “starvation.” However, for many college students, missing meals and going to bed with a growling stomach is an everyday reality. Seeking to help students living with […]


Students of Low-Income Background Seek Education

When John Brown started his university in the shadow of the Ozarks, he sought to provide quality education for students who could not afford it. However, according to a study by Opportunity Insights, rising tuition costs are limiting access and increasing stress for promising students. According to the New York […]


Ability Tree continues growth with opening of new rest and recreation center

Celebrating nearly a decade of serving families impacted by disability, Ability Tree, a faith-based nonprofit, recently opened a new rest and recreation center. A large, playful tree with branches outstretched greeted visitors and families as they entered into the lobby. The nature theme continues throughout the center with bright green […]


Leveling the playing field for introverts

Your hands feel ice-cold. Your mouth is dry. The question is asked again.  In the silence, your hand slowly rises. Are you sure you can do this? Pushing through your breaking, shaking voice, you spill out an answer, praying that it makes sense. Although the moment lasted maybe 10 seconds, […]


How to survive finals week: a guide

Looking around the classroom, everyone seems to be in a trance with the light far gone from their eyes. Some students shake from their eighth cup of coffee, some sleep at their desks and everyone whispers prayers for their final grades. The time has arrived. It’s the week before finals, […]