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Seniors celebrate Christmas quirks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—the winter holiday season. From tree decorating to festive foods to reading and retelling the Christmas story, the holidays look different from family to family. Two John Brown University seniors, Chris Ridings and Rachel Barber, both share what their typical holiday season looks […]


Students and staff dress for success

The phrase “Dress well, test well” has been repeated in schools for decades. Skeptics scoff, citing the converse, “Comfort is king.” But does clothing really have an impact on student success? Student Counseling Center counselor Mollie Reddin suggests clothing choices influence self-confidence. “How we dress can influence whether or not […]


Giving Voice speaks to the soul

For over 11 years, students at John Brown University have had the opportunity to engage with artists at the annual Giving Voice festival held each September. This year, however, Giving Voice coordinators Traci Manos, Rebecca Kelly and Jessica Hooten-Wilson focus on community engagement. “We partnered with the local library and […]


Grieving is a gift

We all have things we’re grieving, whether it is a broken family, the end of a relationship, unjust political policies, intense sickness, or the death of those around us. I’ve spent the past semester reflecting on what it means to grieve in a healthy way. Growing up, I never learned […]