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Figure skater breaks Olympic barriers

As he skated timidly onto the ice during his last skate of the Olympics, 28-year-old Adam Rippon flashed a bright smile at the judges, took a deep breath and readied himself for what he described as one of the greatest moments of his life. Rippon is the first openly gay […]


North and South Korea unite for Olympics

The countries of North and South Korea have long been at odds with one another, and in recent months, the two have disagreed more than ever. Amidst extreme hostility, turmoil, confusion and multiple nuclear threats, a beacon of hope shines as the two will become one team during the upcoming […]


GOP Healthcare bill fails Senate approval

Throughout the most recent election cycle, a common guarantee given by the president was the assurance of repealing and replacing The Affodable Care Act. That guarantee flopped as the latest GOP healthcare bill failed to pass the approval of the Senate. Before he was elected, during his campaigning in Pennsylvania, […]