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Commemorating women: Are celebrations enough?

Female. Girl. Woman. These are titles that are given specifically to one sex, roles that are cherished and meaningful, titles that encapsulate the power and capability of a gender to mold generations, shape society and influence global systems. Furthermore, these titles have yielded themselves to ridicule, pain and denial over […]


Healing Hurts: Giving Victims of Religious Trauma a Voice

“Child abuse wrapped in Jesus is still child abuse.” This observation, made by Twitter handle @SweetGeekling, sparked a debate on the influence of religious trauma when parents teach their children about their faith. Cindy Wang Brandt, a popular podcast personality who discusses raising children in faith, expressed concern regarding the […]


Do churches have a role in justice? Young Christians speak out

Gen Z and Millennial Christians are actively concerned with justice and humanitarian efforts, according to a recent survey from the Barna Group. They are keen to obtain relief for the oppressed, mend the bonds of inequality and desire the elimination of corruption, heralding these values as the core of the […]