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Common sense can combat Colorado deaths

There is a morbid joke that follows mountaineers down the side of Colorado’s tallest peaks. “There goes the next headline,” experienced hikers mutter as they pass tourists hiking up in flip-flops and jeans, toting a single plastic water bottle. It may be a joke, but the looming threat of another […]


Protests ensue after police officer’s charges are dropped

The Sacramento District Attorney announced March 2nd that the city would not file charges against police officers responsible for Stephon Clark’s death last March. Anne Marie Schubert, career prosecutor and forensic expert, said in her legal review that officers were justified in fearing for their lives and that they had […]


Five cultures shaped one MK’s life

“God, why did you make me a Korean missionary kid?” H.G. Park, a Korean resident of Zambia, has asked himself this question dozens of times. Park has lived in Zambia for sixteen years, in addition to three years of high school in Kenya. He, like many other missionary kids, has […]