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Editor’s Response

Mark, We here at the Threefold Advocate appreciate your response to our article. While it is the mission of the Threefold Advocate to provide reporting free of personal biases, we do not always meet this goal, and for this we apologize. The Threefold Advocate is the newspaper of John Brown […]

Amazon opens near-autonomous local market

Amazon opens near-autonomous local market

Amazon, the online mega-retailer, introduced the next step for autonomous shopping: a walk-in market without cashiers, lines or registers. At the entrance of the store, several devices are placed that prohibit entry to anyone who does not have a specific smartphone app. Not unlike subway passes, shoppers must scan in […]

An ambulance is parked at the scene of a fatal shooting at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City, Canada January 29, 2017. REUTERS/Mathieu Belanger - RTSXZES

Quebec restricts religious expression

Hundreds of Muslim women in the Canadian province of Quebec must now remove their veils and go uncovered as they use civilly maintained services after the controversial passage of a new bill by Quebec’s government. Oct. 18 saw the passage of Bill 62, or, by its full name, “an act […]