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JBU Expands Academic Catalog for Fall 2021

Over the course of its history, John Brown University has added numerous programs in an attempt to cater to students looking for a Christian college experience within different fields. However, adding new programs has become somewhat of a balancing act. New programs are designed to create new opportunities for prospective […]


The Tragedy of Blenders

Last Christmas, I received a blender. It was shiny, easy to use and exactly what I needed to make smoothies, with which I have an unhealthy relationship. This past week, I finally pulled it out of the box and got around to making a smoothie. I had made a smoothie […]


#endSARS Movement Gathers Attention

One of the many groundbreaking social movements of 2020 surfaced in Nigeria last month and has taken the world by storm. The movement #endSARS began trending on Twitter in October as millions gathered in Nigeria to protest the brutal actions of the Nigerian federal police group called the Special Anti-Robbery […]


Clubs Face Lower Funding and Attendance in Fall 2020

While John Brown University has managed to remain on campus throughout almost the entire semester, it wasn’t without some sacrifice. Being on campus in-person is something that JBU has championed as a feat of adaptation by students and faculty. President Chip Pollard said at a scholarship event that “only 30% […]

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Presidential race comes down to the wire

With the final presidential debate under the nation’s belt, the weight of this election is being felt now more than ever throughout the country. The New York Times reported that “More than 59 million ballots have already been cast in the 2020 election, surpassing the previous early turnout record set […]


Cafeteria Launches Improvement Campaign

One of the universal truths of college cafeterias is their stereotypical, lackluster food—not the most flavorful nor appetizing but ultimately good enough to get the job done. However, the past few weeks have proven to be a rough few for the Caf at John Brown University, with a few reported […]


JBU Alumna: The Transition from Faith to Law

For Andrea Martinez, a 2004 John Brown University graduate, chapel services were about much more than filling a requirement. For her, chapel was the beginning of a decades-long career dedicated to immigration law and it led to a decision that changed the course of her life forever. Martinez was a […]


What this election means for immigration

With Nov. 3 quickly approaching, many hot button issues are being put under the microscope as voters finish forming  decisions about who the next president of the United States should be. Immigration is one of these issues, and one in which Republican nominee and sitting president, Donald Trump, has voiced […]


Hurricane Laura Ravages Louisiana Communities

As the global pandemic rages on, portions of the United States are battling an all-too-familiar threat: hurricane season. During the early hours of Aug. 27, the storm made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in southwestern Louisiana, with winds as high as 150 miles per hour. Forbes reporter Nicholas Reimann […]


Voting by Mail Leads to Turmoil for Postal Service

The past few months have been turbulent for the United States Postal Service (USPS) due to the age of COVID-19, the possibility of voting by mail in November, and the climax of the service’s decline that has been ongoing since 2006. As voting by mail is becoming an increasingly popular […]