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Hurricane Laura Ravages Louisiana Communities

As the global pandemic rages on, portions of the United States are battling an all-too-familiar threat: hurricane season. During the early hours of Aug. 27, the storm made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane in southwestern Louisiana, with winds as high as 150 miles per hour. Forbes reporter Nicholas Reimann […]


Voting by Mail Leads to Turmoil for Postal Service

The past few months have been turbulent for the United States Postal Service (USPS) due to the age of COVID-19, the possibility of voting by mail in November, and the climax of the service’s decline that has been ongoing since 2006. As voting by mail is becoming an increasingly popular […]


What Iowa Caucus Means for 2020 Election

Early this month, the 2020 election cycle continued with the controversial Iowa Caucus. The purpose of the Iowa Caucus is for the people of Iowa to get together and discuss who they want to win both the party-based nominations as well as the presidency in general. However, the events that […]

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Coronavirus Sweeps Globe, Kills Over 800

For the past two months, the Coronavirus has swept the globe, leaving thousands of victims in its wake. As of Feb. 8, the death toll rose to over 800, with over 34,000 confirmed cases. The World Health Organization reported that over 24 countries have confirmed cases. The outbreak, which is […]


JBU Students Discuss Presidential Impeachment at Forum

Students got a look inside the complicated world of impeachment policy with Daniel Bennett, associate professor of political science, and Miguel Rivera, adjunct instructor of political science, at the “What the Heck is Impeachment Anyways?” forum. The forum, sponsored and supported by John Brown University’s Residence Life staff on Jan. […]


Students for Refugees supports Hutchinson

Governor Asa Hutchinson (Rep) of Arkansas announced that the state of Arkansas will still allow refugees into the state. The announcement came as a response to an executive order from President Trump that gave states the right to refuse to allow refugees. Hutchinson has come under fire from supporters of […]


REI closes doors on Black Friday to ‘opt outside

Five years ago, REI, a company dedicated to the sales of sporting goods, camping equipment and other outdoor products, devised a plan so wild market strategists were left speechless: they were going to close their doors on Black Friday as part of a campaign they christened “Opt Outside.” As the […]