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Honduras presidential race ignites chaos

Honduras is facing political and social turmoil during a tense and complicated presidential election in which the final result of the election has yet to be released. To quell the violent protest brought on by the angered citizens, a ten day curfew was imposed on Friday, Dec. 1, which lasted […]


Digital pills may deprive patients of privacy

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first digital pill, which will allow patients to track medicinal intake through new consumable technology to assist those who inaccurately medicate. The pill is known as “Abilify MyCite,” and it works through digital transmissions documenting intake information for its users and medical […]


Solidarity against the silence

In the wake of the scandal and investigations surrounding Harry Weinstein, a movement swept across the world, encouraging victims of sexual violence to break the silence and speak out. The Twitter tag “#MeToo” began on Oct. 15, started by actress Alyssa Milano who posted a tweet encouraging women to use […]


New faculty enlivens old department

At the beginning of the 2017 fall semester, John Brown University welcomed several new faculty to its ranks. These fteen new members range from undergraduate professors to graduate professors to cybersecurity. New to the staff are three graduate counselors, ten undergraduate professors of whom two are music, two are nursing, […]