Play musters cast, crew

Love, anger, passion, comedy and revenge are some themes in John Brown University’s spring play “The Three Musketeers.” The theatre department of John Brown University began plans for the show during last semester with auditions, callbacks and a read through.

While most students were at home relaxing over Christmas break, the cast spent their free time memorizing their lines. The rehearsals were necessary so that they could focus on sword fighting after they returned.

The first weekend after school started, the cast had a workshop where a sword fighting instructor came to show them the proper movements, as well as choreographing the fights. With this knowledge the cast continues to brush up on their sword fighting. Sophomore Jonathan Larson, a member of the cast, said that they also have fight rehearsals on Saturday mornings in addition to regular rehearsals.

While the fight scenes are complicated, the cast also has to work at not being themselves on stage.

Freshman Seth Long said that “I’m usually more of a chipper guy, but my character is a meanie. He’s just bad. It’s been fun diving into that character.”

Larson stated that “we have to make the character completely separate from ourselves, and to be that character completely when we are up there.”

As with every theatre production, sophomore Morgan Morris said there is a lot that goes into it. With “swordfighting, a big dance scene and music, there’s more than just blocking and getting lines right,” she added.

During rehearsal, the actors enjoyed hearing the cast members not on stage at the moment laugh at the funny scenes.

Although sword fighting is a major part of this play, there is also more to the play than swash buckling.

“Sure, the swordfighting is cool and everything, but the plot line is so fun, so heart breaking. Probably one of the best plays I’ll ever get the chance to be in,” Long stated.

It can be hard making something that is as diverse as this show into something that is “one cohesive thing,” said Morris.

“The show is so much fun, and I look forward to rehearsal every time. We are excited to put on this show for everyone.” said Morris.

There are still a couple of ways to be involved with the play. They need stagehands to help with moving props as well as people to help with costume and makeup. Anyone interested can contact Jan Lauderdale at

Tickets may be pre-ordered by going to