A house divided: Comparing public education versus homeschooling

Though homeschooling caters to the needs of the child, the truth is that homeschool educators have to buy their own teaching material and supplies.

The cost of a public education is usually low for students, all possible from funding from the government and local taxes that helps with providing textbooks and having no tuition fees. Homeschool parents that own a home are also required to pay school property taxes regardless of whether their children attend public school.

For instance, take a family in which both parents work but one has to stay behind to teach the children. Though that parent tries to work from home, homeschooling will end up consuming the majority of their day. At some point there could be a loss of income.

A consideration in leaning toward public education is that it can provide the student with several extracurricular opportunities that could not have been otherwise offered through homeschooling.

Children will most likely interact with their peers more frequently, giving them an opportunity to branch outside the four walls of their home and play with new faces.

Homeschooling, however, takes into account where an individual child is academically and gives the best opportunities for the child to understand challenging concepts and excel. The child will spend most of their schooling under a person that loves them the most and hopes more than anyone else in the world that they will thrive and excel in life, beginning with schoolwork.

This sort of tailored education is an incredible luxury that homeschooled children received, for it gives extra time need to understand difficult concepts and extra courses that they are naturally talented in, further preparing them for college or beyond. The flexibility of classes also allows a greater amount of extra-curricular activities that are still educational.

So which is better? Homeschool or public education?

What needs to be remembered is that not one size fits all school models.

Homeschooling should not be taken to the extreme, depriving a child from thriving in society. At the same time parents should not push their children on toward public education and expect the State to raise them.

No matter where a child is educated, if the parent is unfit to teach or parent, the child will most likely to be fail. Parents are called to be selfless and before a decision is made parents need to look both options and make sure that at the end of the day the best decision is made with the child in mind.