SGA: We’re here to help

Stop!!! Before you read the rest of this, pause for a second. Take a long, deep breath. Feel any better?

Life at JBU can get pretty crazy for anyone. With classes, projects, work study, extra-curricular activities, athletics, time with friends, concerns about family and friends back home, not to mention spending time alone with God each day, life can get very overwhelming, very fast. I am not immune to it either. I’m a senior trying to decide what to do after graduation, a business major taking Strategic Management, Student Government President, and during the first weekend of the semester, my grandmother passed away as I held her hand. Things have been crazy! I remarked to my roommate last week that I felt like I was drowning with everything that was going on.

Then last week, during their chapel on stress, Acts of Renewal said something that cut straight to my heart: “We are not alone. Jesus is there in the boat with us. We aren’t drowning.” I was floored. How did they know to say that? Was that a coincidence? And then it hit me…Wow, God is so awesome!

I have continued to remind myself of that statement every day when I start to feel stressed. ‘Jesus is with me. I’m not drowning.’ Over and over I repeat it. It’s a little silly, but it helps.

But why should you care about my spiritual epiphany? Or about the earlier reminder of how busy your life is right now? Because it means you aren’t alone.

Student Government is made up of students too. We are going through the same things you are. And we can help. No…we won’t do your homework for you or call your mom and tell her you won’t be home for Thanksgiving. But do you have a problem with something on campus? Do you see a policy that should be changed? Let us know! SGA was the driving force behind getting dancing approved on campus, we worked with Facility Services to get more outlets put in Walker Student Center last year and we are working on a solution to the laundry issue. We want to know your opinions of how we can help because we are here for You!

Do you already have an idea? Great! Let us know!! Don’t know how to get in touch with SGA? There are Tons of ways! First, ‘Like’ us on Facebook at JBU Student Government Association. We update about projects we’re working on, events coming up, and it’s a great way to connect. Second, follow us on Twitter @JBUSGA, we just updated it and will be using it on a regular basis. And third, if you have any questions about what SGA does and how you can be involved email us at sga@jbu.edu! We really want to hear from you, because we don’t know what to change if you don’t let us know!

But whatever you are doing, I pray you have an absolutely wonderful (and slightly restful) semester