Roman adventures: recent graduates star in reality travel show

This summer, the Travel Channel’s show “Trip Flip” sent recent John Brown University graduates Matt Brooker and Chris Eshnaur to Rome, Italy for the adventure of a lifetime.

The graduates spent four days traipsing about Rome. Brooker and Eshnaur did everything from gladiator fighting to chariot racing, from Vespa traversing to eating copious amounts of food.

One evening, the two purchased tailored Italian suits, went to a classy Roman restaurant, made pizza with the top-rated pizza chef in Rome and made their own gelato at the oldest gelato factory in Italy, said Brooker. The trip concluded with a rappelling adventure in the northern mountains of Rome.

Though Brooker and Eshnaur had been pretty pumped about the whole show, it took three or four months before the show was actually aired, so they were over their initial shock of being on TV. Brooker said he enjoyed sharing the anticipation of his friends and family.

Before the show aired, Brooker said he had “friends from all over the country randomly see[ing] the promotional commercials on the Travel Channel and text[ing] me, freaking out a little bit, not being sure if it was really us or not.”
Following production of the show, the two friends stayed in Europe backpacking.

Their travels took them to Italy, Switzerland, France, England and Scotland. They stayed in hostels, traveled by trains, and remained in a constant state of “hungry” to save money.

They ended their month with a week-long trip to visit one of their best friends, David Castagne, in Barbados.

Brooker and Eshnaur said they could not have come up with a better way to end their time of college life before starting their new journeys as responsible adults.

“Travelling is something that I think every college graduate should try to do,” Brooker said. “We learned more about cultures and ourselves in that month than we ever thought we could!”

The pair took to Twitter to further describe their experiences. “I said yes and got to go to Rome, the trip of a lifetime!” Eshnaur exclaimed. “About to leave Rome after four of the most incredible/memorable days ever.”

Brooker wrote, “I’m going to miss those crazy Italians.”