Wellness activity pointless for college athletes

Why in the world do athletes have to take wellness activity? We spend countless hours in the gym every day and yet are required to take a class that requires even more, our time and effort.

Athletes should not be required to take a class like bowling or walking and jogging when they already have team workouts for several hours a day.

As a John Brown University cheerleader, I get up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 a.m. to condition with my team and have regular team practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

I have no problem with having this scheduled into my week, but the thought of having to add more activity to my day is exhausting.

What happened if I injure myself while in class? Will John Brown’s insurance cover my injury? I do not want to risk being benched for a season, lose my scholarship, and have to pay a ridiculous hospital bill just because of a wellness activity class. It is too much of a risk.

Not being enrolled in class keeps us from receiving credit, but our workouts are just as effective as, and often even more effective than, what you would do in a wellness activity class. Therefore, wellness activity credit should be given to athletes.

Yes, taking wellness makes sense, because it enables us to learn facts about personal health that we are not taught in practice. I am currently enrolled in wellness and find it interesting to learn different ways to train and take care of my body. The terminology also proves to be helpful at times. This requirement is understandable.

Yes, the classes would be easier for athletes to be successful in, but the point in having them participate in something for physical wellness is pointless. The activities distract from what the athlete really should be practicing, like lifting weights or working on defense and offense tactics.

I would much rather get a grade for my effort and participation in practice with my teammates than in a class where I walk around and journal about it.

I don’t care about writing out a fitness prescription for my season, and filling out a fitness journal about our workouts, practices and games. In fact requiring this would help us to be more accountable for our bodies during the season and would give our coaches more insight.

Making our team activities count for wellness activity credit would solve a lot. It would save us from having to pay to take a pointless class, could free up a time slot that could be used for another class, and keep us accountable for our progress.

I want to see change. It is a change that would be both effective and logical. This change would positively affect the lives and overall wellness of every athlete.