Autumn apparel

How would you desribe your own personal style?

Jeremiah Moore: Classic with a little modern edge. I have a lot of roots in Southern Sportsman. My advice is to never go too far modern or edgy.

Cristy Sauceda: Eclectic, feminine and romantic. I like a lot of hippie or bohemian feels, but also fifties glamour fashion.

Who are your fashion influences? What is your favorite decade for clothing?

JM: James Dean, Cary Grant and my grandfather. The ‘60s.

CS: My sister Jennifer Sauceda who uses a lot of punk pieces, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. The ‘80s and the ‘50s.

What do you like specifically about fall fashion?

JM: Fabrics, like wool, that are thicker. Also boots, like my duck hunting boots. And layering.

CS: I like the colors, lots of oranges, reds, purples and golds; all very royal, but calm colors. I also love how you can layer: it is comfy, warm and inviting.

Out of all the pieces you are wearing, which is your favorite? Why?

JM: My jacket or my boots. This camel hair jacket came from my grandfather and my L.L. Bean boots are from my father.

CS: My dress. My sister got it for me last month from a vintage shop. I like the pattern, the Peter Pan collar, and the cut.