Volleyball optimistic for final games

Golden Eagle Volleyball scored two wins this weekend.

The team played, on Friday night, Texas Wesleyan and earned 3-2 wins. The Eagles’ momentum continued, on the following day, as they won against Southwestern A.G. (Texas) 3-2 as well.

Coach Stacie Johnson said she was pleased with the way the team worked together to collect their wins during the weekend.

“The team did so many things well,” Johnson said. “First and most important, they played unselfishly as a team. Next, we say things with our blocking and hitting that we have been working on a lot in practice the past two weeks. Another big improvement was our game strategy, being able to see necessary adjustments and make them more quickly. Lastly, their ball control was much better which is limiting our errors.”

Freshman player, Molli Pugh sees this season as being a wonderful first season of her college career. She also said she was blessed to be a member of a loving and Christ- like team. As Pugh continues to play for JBU for the next three years, she hopes to grow her volleyball skills and make more lifelong friendships and relationships.

Pugh noted that in the games this weekend the team gave 100 percent.

“Even when we were down, we kept pushing until the end and never gave up,” Pugh said. “We were full of energy and strived to play as a team rather than individuals.”

Pugh also mentioned the heart and love for the game of volleyball that they team has and how the team seemed to focus on the next play instead of dwelling on the last.

With only four games left in the season, the team has specific things to focus on in order to continue doing their best.

“We will continue to work on speeding up our offense, limiting errors and solid technique on our blocking and serving,” Johnson said. “We have to do all this without letting up or even better while improving our defense.”

Pugh noted that communication is key in volleyball, and that for the final games of the season, the team should keep working on communication on the court.

Pugh also said the team could improve on watching the other team to see what they are doing, giving 100 percent mentally and physically and keeping the energy and enthusiasm high.

Both Johnson and Pugh see the team growing stronger throughout the season, starting with the pre-season trip to Haiti and continuing to push through hardships that have been faced.

“They have been resilient and learned life lessons through these hardships,” Johnson said. “It is a blessing to work with them each day.”

Pugh has seen a noticeable amount of growth on and off the court with the team in their communication, teamwork and individual abilities.

“Most of all, I have seen girls on my team, as well as myself, grow in their walk with Christ,” said Pugh. “Every time we step on the court, we play to glorify God and be a light to the opponent, fans and refs.”