Blessed to vote: Using our privileges

Women aren’t allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia. Neither men, nor women in the United Arab Emirates have a say in choosing their president. In Brunei, national elections don’t even exist.

But in America, if you’re a US citizen 18 years old or older, you can have the right to participate in defining how your country is run—starting in your home state. We The Threefold Advocate ask you not to take that opportunity for granted.

We talk all the time about changes that need to be made in our towns, cities, states and countries. If that talk doesn’t move into action, however, it just turns into wasted time.

Last Tuesday, Colorado residents had the chance to vote on creating a 15 percent pot-tax promising to rake in an additional 70 million dollars a year into government coffers. In New Jersey, citizens voted on whether or not to increase minimum wage to $8.25 an hour. New Yorkers voted on whether to allow the construction of seven new casinos. What issues were at stake in your state?

Care about your country? Then do something about it: vote.