Men hunt hillbilly lobsters

When Stephen LaGue, sophomore construction management major, got a fish tank over fall break a guy decided to prank him by putting a bunch of crawfish in it.

“So, in his face my suite mates and I boiled the crawfish and ate them,” said LaGue.

After this they went to a pawn shop and bought two crawfish traps for $5 each.

Each week they catch approximately 15 to 20 crawfish even with it being so cold.

“In the last batch I decided to keep one as a pet,” said LaGue.

The guys have also caught tons of turtles and fish in the crawfish traps and set them free.

They used beef liver and hot dogs as bait.

“The first few days, we were really eager and we checked the traps two or three times a day,” said LaGue. “Now we usually go down to the creek once every day or two.”

Connor Gooderl, sophomore youth ministries major, has helped cook and check the crawfish traps.

“We boil them for 5 to 10 minutes, crack them open like crabs and then dip them in a butter and creole sauce that we make,” said Gooderl.

Gooderl believes that the crawfish are a decent snack, but the act of catching them is more than half of the fun.

Mackenzie Rich, freshman family and human services major, thinks it is funny.

“Sometimes we go down to the creek as a group,” said Rich.

Rich went to one of the boy’s crawfish boil and was the only girl who would eat them.

The guys plan to continue to catch the crawfish until the traps come up empty or the weather prevents it.