Extend open dorm hours, says survey

The Student Government Association asked students whether they would be interested in having extended open dorm hours when they visited the four main dorms on campus last week. SGA also put up a survey in their bathroom newsletter, the TP, and on their social media pages asking students a variety of questions, including their thoughts on extending open dorm hours.

Last week’s survey results showed that having longer open dorm is the third most wanted change on campus, falling behind a Dead Day before finals week and coinless laundry.

So far most students are in support of some form of extended open dorm, but many students still have not participated in the survey. One option is extending the time on a weekday or holding open dorm on a Sunday. Another option is simply extending the existing hours.

Junior Rebekah David, Hutcheson Hall resident, has mixed feelings about changing open dorm hours. She likes the way open dorm currently operates, but she would enjoy more time to spend with her guy friends.

“I would love more open dorm,” she said, “but again, I can’t think about just me.”

She also expressed concern over extended hours leading to too much freedom or possible abuse of the new opportunity.

“Yes we are adults,” she said, “but I think we need something to ground us.”

Junior Elise Murdock, Mayfield resident, also supports the effort.

“For the sake of people making plans, I say extending the hours is the least they can do,” said Murdock.

However, some students do not want any more open dorm hours. Junior Sarah Hubbard, Mayfield resident, does not support the proposal.

“Open dorm can be really noisy, making it difficult to sleep or do homework,” said Hubbard.

Having longer hours or more days for open dorm could be a bigger burden for the Resident Assistants on duty, who must remain in the dorm and go on rounds during the designated time.

“Though I love the idea of more open dorm, it does mean more work for the R.A.’s,” said Mayfield R.A., Sarah White.

“As an R.A. on duty, I don’t like the idea of starting open dorm any earlier,” said White. “It would interfere with dinner time…but I would be willing to go an hour later, or have a different day of the week.”

SGA will continue to gather information from their online survey through late February. They will compile their results and submit a proposal to Andre Broquard, director of resident life.

Altering the open dorm policy would be a major change, and an official decision could take time to be made. In the meantime, SGA is encouraging students to take part in the survey so their voices can be heard by the administration and these changes can be made on campus.