Workshop caters to creative writers of all majors

On Tuesday, April 8, Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society at the University, hosted a workshop in order to promote creative writing on campus. This workshop featured three sessions from 2:00-4:00 p.m. to help those who would like to learn more about writing, but are not usually able to take the creative writing classes offered in the English department.

“[Sigma Tau Delta] attempts to promote literacy, literature, and creative writing on the JBU campus,” senior Sarah Hubbard, an English Education major, said. “We would love for students to attend and learn more about creative writing, telling your story, publishing, and writing in general.”

The workshop featured three sessions: “The Magic Circle: What Your Story Is Missing” taught by junior Hannah Wright, “Writing Is Not Scary, I Promise” taught by senior Seth Burgett, and a publishing workshop taught by Brad Gambill, associate professor of English.

“We really want students to realize . . . anyone can write, and creative writing can take almost any forms,” Hubbard said.

Wright used an interactive teaching style to help the attendees make their fiction more plausible through world-building and story-shaping, and Burgett’s session emphasized that anyone can write, regardless of their background or ability.

As Burgett mentioned in the workshop, “The only difference between writers and normal people is that writers actually write things.”

Both Wright and Burgett also recommended techniques to help writers begin the writing process.

Senior Rissa Willis attended the workshop and said that she found it very helpful.

“Seth had some good recommendations like, don’t just stare at a blank page, actually write things, and once you start writing, don’t start backspacing things,” Willis said. “I’ve done some writing in the past, but it’s been a while. Writing is kind of hard to get back into for me, so I kind of hoped that the workshop might help because [writing] is fun. It was actually really helpful. I’m really glad they did [the workshop] and I hope they keep doing it.”