Responding with a different view of sin and grace

After reading Wadsack’s column in last week’s issue, I would like to offer another perspective on the issue. Scripture is the ultimate truth, which is why we have to be faithful to carefully study the text and understand the original intent of the biblical authors. There are many interpretations of the bible, King James, NIV, ASV, ESV, and more, and there have been many ways that people have interpreted the same verses in different ways. The traditional interpretation of those passages may be truth, but in order to be responsible scholars and truth seekers we must look at it from all sides. If you put them, verses of scripture, side by side you will see the difference. Many new versions have been and are being produced so that people can understand what the word says. I believe that that has led many people astray. Many theologians have written on the subject of homosexuality, spelling out what they have found. “Letter to Louise”, by Bruce W. Lowe, is what I would encourage everyone who struggles with their theology of homosexuality to read. God is a gracious and just God. Yes, we must acknowledge our sins, but we must also study God’s word to find out what sin is. As people talk they develop a desire to find their own theology. In today’s society it is almost frowned upon to try to have your own theology or speak of it. I value opinions and think that each person should express what they feel, what they have been through and what they have studied. No person lives the same life or has the same walk with Christ.