Celebrity crises: We should not mock their struggles

When Robin Williams committed suicide earlier this year, everyone was suddenly involved in the family’s private affairs. Everyone is discussing Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos, and, as she told Vanity Fair, even people she knew and loved had looked at the photos. Now Amanda Bynes is lighting up Twitter with her recent hospitalization from mental illness.

These instances, publicized by the media, quickly become feeding material for bored internet users, celebrity fans and the general public. Soon everyone has heard about the latest drama involving Lindsay Lohan, and private affairs are opened up for everyone to see.

While many of these celebrities choose to make their lives open books, we The Threefold Advocate are disgusted by the cruel jokes and careless comments that so many people make about celebrities.

The recent incident with Amanda Bynes, for instance, has caused a stir both online and in print. Many people are making jokes about her being insane, crazy or a drug addict and commenting on her appearance. This kind of behavior is pathetic and thoughtless, and if you are taking part in this, we The Threefold Advocate urge you to stop and think about what you are saying.

Is the joke you have to tell or comment or post going to make the situation any better? Are you going to help the person in trouble, or hurt them even more? Even if it is online, this negative talk needs to stop, especially when the celebrity involved may be in trouble through no fault of their own.

Judging people based on their appearance is often criticized, yet judging people based on their mental state is a less popular topic. Mental health in general is often considered a taboo topic, something that is slowly changing. However, we know that it is wrong to speak ill of any person. Why should we make an exception for celebrities?

Many people use the argument that celebrities choose to put their lives on show, but it is clear that this is not always the case. Paparazzi and hackers often seek out unflattering photos of celebrities, or try to find private information to make them look bad.

Celebrities are always in the spotlight, sometimes for positive reasons and sometimes for negative. Despite your feelings about them, it is important to remember that they are people, with families and feelings. They may have chosen to be in the spotlight, or perhaps they did not, but that is no excuse for ridiculing, harassing or demeaning them.