Pay attention to elections

Watch the primary debates

Believe it or not, the current Republican Party debates are actually important.

Right now, you might be thinking, “Um, yeah, I know, the debates narrow down the field.” But I’m not talking about how they narrow down the field or that they evaluate how skilled candidates are at throwing sticks at each other. The debates come down to the candidates themselves, what they stand for and the decisions they make during the course of the debates.

We The Threefold believe that such aspects of the debates warrant your attention as an American citizen.

It would be easy to pick up the debates in March when both the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries have four candidates apiece (all of whom are still throwing sticks), but you shouldn’t wait that long. There’s too much to learn from watching them now. Not only are candidates currently revealing what they stand for, there are many other important personal details that must be watched very closely.

Consider if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who are currently leading their respective parties, broke through to the primaries. Clinton managed to get through all the red tape surrounding her private email account and Trump diverted us all from the fact that he’s taken just about every stance you can on every issue since he’s been sponsoring politicians.

Then there are issues that arise during the race itself. For example according to The Guardian, a couple of weeks ago, Ben Carson openly stated that Muslims shouldn’t run for presidential office due to their Sharia Law, which says that the state must comply with their religion. While the Islamic faith itself is perhaps severe when it comes to making the government support its beliefs, Carson should not generalize all Muslim-Americans as unable to accept separation of church and state. Once the primaries start though he will most likely have made it past that issue.

We the Threefold believe that, as the stakes become higher and the presidential election draws closer, these issues matter even more, which is why it’s so important to listen to what is going on before that time comes. The GOP debates are when these issues are discussed the most, which is why it’s important to be attentive to them. If there are enough candidates with skeletons in their closets (or out in the open, for that matter), they may have to rely on the support of uninformed Americans to gain momentum. We don’t elect policies or stances to the presidential office. We elect people like you who have flawed opinions and make mistakes.

We will never elect a perfect person to office, but the gradual perfection of the presidential office, and more importantly, our nation, rest in the hands of the voters.

Therefore, We The Threefold urge you to pay attention to the debates that are going on now.