Taylor Glover

Taylor Glover is a new member of John Brown University’s women’s volleyball team. Glover came to JBU from Grapevine, Texas where she played volleyball at a small, private high school.

“When I was a junior in high school going through the volleyball recruitment process, I had a big tournament where several college coaches were coming to watch me play,” Glover explained about her journey to JBU. “On the first day of the tournament, during the first game, I broke my finger. Most of the recruiting coaches left except Coach Carver. I was so scared because I thought my dream of playing volleyball in college was over. But he reassured me that my volleyball career wasn’t over and told me to come check out JBU. Once I visited JBU, I felt as if I was home and I knew this was a sign from God that JBU was where He wanted me. I love the community aspect of JBU and how the school is smaller. I’m not just another face in the crowd and the professors know my name.”

The Lady Eagles had a great season this year, making it to the second round in the Sooner Athletic Conference Tournament.

“The season went really well,” Glover said. “We fought really hard this year and I just absolutely love the girls on my team. They are incredible.”

The adjustment for a freshman college athlete can be difficult, and Glover said that sometimes she struggles.

“The hardest thing about adjusting to college has probably been learning how to be on my own for the first time,” she said.

Glover has found hobbies outside of volleyball to help her better adjust.

“Outside of volleyball, I like to hang out with friends, sleep, and I’m super into photography so I love to take pictures of what’s around me,” she said.