The Church is called to unite not divide

Paul abolished racial divisions in the Church when he said there was neither Jew nor Greek. Note that he said this to an audience who believed steadfastly that there were both Jew and Greek and the two could never meet. One could trace a chasm between these two groups. If the apostle could call out these groups with centuries of loathing between the two of them, how more relevant is his rebuke to a nation whose grievances only go back a hundred and fifty years?

We the Threefold Advocate encourage everyone on this campus—ourselves included—to remember the true cause we all fight for. Christians in the United States are not under allegiance to the United States or the Democratic or Republican parties. We are instead dead to ourselves and alive in Christ. He is our first priority and our first love. When we cut our brother or sister down for something as asinine as a political stance, we humiliate Christ further.

We the Threefold call us all to think before we speak. As Paul said in the same letter (1 Corinthians), we can do every good thing, but if we do not have love, we will be as clanging gongs. So when we speak to one another, argue with one another, fight with one another, do we do so out of love or out of pride? We beg everyone to put their weapons down and unite under the only flag we can raise.