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Rams, Bills and Buccaneers shine in NFL week 3

It’s week three of the NFL season, and the past two weeks have been very exciting. The Los Angeles Rams have been just as dominant as everyone thought, the Buffalo Bills are just as bad as everyone thought and the Cleveland Browns have won a game for the first time since Barack Obama was president. Here are some things to look for in the upcoming weeks of NFL football.

It’s Fitzmagic season. Ryan Fitzpatrick is taking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from being ranked pretty consistently in the bottom seven teams in the NFL during the pre-season, to being ranked in the top 10. Fitzpatrick has started off the season with eight touchdowns and over 800 passing yards. In the first two games, the Buccaneers have knocked off the New Orleans Saints, who in pre-season were in the conversation of Super Bowl contenders, and the Philadelphia Eagles, the defending Super Bowl champions. How long can Ryan Fitzpatrick continue this level of play? Who knows, but as long as he does, be very scared of the Bucs.

The Chiefs are cruising thanks to the veteran level of play coming from sophomore quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In his first two games, the Texas Tech product threw for 10 touchdowns, setting a record. After the Chiefs traded veteran quarterback Alex Smith, fans were nervous about what this young quarterback would do with the keys to the franchise. After the first two games, Mahomes has shown them they have nothing to worry about. However, if he doesn’t keep up that level of play, the Chiefs could be in trouble, as their defense is something to worry about.

The Raiders messed up big time in trading away Khalil Mack. In six quarters, Mack has achieved two sacks, one interception, two forced fumbles, one recovery and one touchdown. In two full games, the Raiders defense also has two sacks, one interception, one forced fumble, no recoveries and no touchdowns. When Mack was traded, it was met with some confusion, wondering if the team had made a mistake trading away one of the league’s premier pass rushers. After two games, it’s confirmed: it was a huge mistake.

And finally, the L.A. Rams have created a monster in the NFL that no one wants to play against. They’ve put up 67 points in their first two games and allowed 13 points. Their defense is led by Aaron Donald, defending Defensive Player of the Year, and newly acquired two time pro-bowler Marcus Peters. Their offense is firing on all cylinders with Todd Gurley leading the charge, along with Jared Goff playing well at QB. With the man behind the wheel, Sean McVay, being one of the brightest minds in football, don’t look for the Rams to slow down anytime soon. If anything, look for them in the Super Bowl.

The NFL is looking to be like one of the most competitive in a while. The NFC has great teams in the Eagles, Rams and Vikings. The AFC has great teams in the Chiefs, Jaguars and the Patriots. But who knows, maybe the Browns will come out of nowhere and win their division. We’ll just have to wait and see.