A Good Fit

What is a Christian, what’s in the name? God claimed love and grace but condoned hate and genocide,

He was to blame, but don’t even get me started on that.

How can I express a desire for community but know that there are some who aren’t invited  to the table?

Even if they’re able, they are unloved and called unstable

for the things that make them whole and beautiful

And it’s a mess

We say loudly “all are welcome”

But not so proudly whisper “not really” because we know it’s not true

The walls of church were never meant to keep anyone out but to provide a safe place

Even for those in doubt.

But the church has become like Noah’s ark, inviting only those who fit in

and keeping everyone else in the dark.

That’s bull shit

Church should be “a good fit” for everyone.

If you’re gay, pray it away.

Then you can sit in the pews on Sunday

And people will be okay with your existence.

Until then, you’ve gone astray, and you’re an abomination.

We say that without hesitation, because the Bible tells me so.

If you’re queer, you’re not welcome here, and all that’s left for you is the fear of suppression

Of being asked to sit quietly,

And then there’s the concept of celibacy, that’s what they want from you.

If you’re not willing to commit to that, then get back in the closet.

If you’re a woman, be quite, even if your husband is violence.

You have a marriage license, and you signed it,

So you’re stuck, suck it up.

We all know women can’t lead, that’s not their purpose

They’re kind of worthless, unless they’re keeping a house

Clean and making babies and staying home, they have to lean on their husbands

The two became one.

So if you disagree, it’s his voice that has meaning and substance.

And you should follow his lead because that’s you place

And you don’t want to be a disgrace.

If you’re single, sure you can stay,

But we’ll warn you, you might be scared away because

Marriage is an idol.

If you haven’t walked down the aisle in a tux and a bridal gown, your story isn’t as powerful.

You could never understand Christ’s love because marriage is a reflection of Christ and the church.

When you hear that, your heart gives a lurch.

Because wasn’t Jesus single?

Didn’t most of the apostles spurn marriage so they could live with a purpose and do good?

But no, you don’t understand love, there’s no but marriage that you could.

If you have any questions or doubt, get them out of your system.

There’s not room for those in prayer circles or worship sessions.

You obviously haven’t learned the lesson

Of blind faith—because the Bible is perfect, right?

So, if you had any foresight, you would see that.

So, dust off those feelings and just trust

Lest your heart become empty and start to rust.

You’re depressed? That’s not real, this house of God has no room for that mess.

Have you prayed about it?

Do you have unconfessed sin in your life?

Because obviously mental strife is God’s punishment for your wickedness,

Maybe you would feel it less if you just. Tried. Harder.

Stop making yourself a martyr.

Pray and praise, then you’ll see better days

But don’t you dare seek help outside of God and his wisdom, that means you’re weak and don’t believe.

Just seek his face.

And everything will fall into place

You can’t be friends with people who don’t share your belief.

They might unleash something bad in you.

They aren’t likeminded, they’ll give you bad advice

So don’t be too nice,

Set some boundaries.

But, go into the world and preach the gospel, be an apostle

Love the world and all those in it, but know their value is confined to their religion.

If they don’t know Jesus, they’re going to hell.

Oh well, at least you tried.

What a shame they don’t know his name like you do.

At least you’re safe.

Open hearts, open doors, open minds?

Ha, the church signs that assure people their baggage is welcome are bold-faced lies

The contradictions blow my mind, that’s why I don’t think I can stay.

I want to move away from the word Christian because of the pain it has caused me and others, because of the hate and discrimination and judgment.

Is that what the Kingdom of God is going to look like?

IF it is, I don’t want any part in it.

Instead, I wan to live like Jesus, have we forgotten his life?

The way he reached out to the prostitutes, beggars, the tax collectors, and the “worst” of mankind.

He was accepting of women and men who didn’t look, act, think or talk like him.

Some called him a friend.

Others called him radical

He had to put up with the ugliness and brokenness of life with no sabbatical, but he didn’t complain or judge.

He only showed protection and love to the sick and the needy, the poor in spirit and the greedy.

The woman at the well and those who fell from his fold.

But he restored them, because he never gave up on anyone.

He still doesn’t.

He always reserved judgement for God and his weapon

Was not a rod of correction but a spirit of peace

There was no special selection.

He. Loved. Everyone.

Why can’t we?

Me … I am pretty jaded, my passion and love God has faded, but was it ever really love

Or was it just fear?