In a Manor of Speaking: University purchases Lakeside Manor

For many years, students have been able to study abroad at a manor located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. John Brown University has now officially begun to organize the purchase of the manor. The Ireland Studies program includes fall and summer terms. It had previously been rented from the Belmore Trust for almost 15 years. Now, the manor is in the process of becoming a part of JBU’s official grounds.

Describing the property, “[y]ou couldn’t find a more peaceful spot; Lakeside Manor is beautifully situated on four acres overlooking Willis Lake,” according to the university website.

University President Chip Pollard had some preliminary things to say about the purchase of Lakeside Manor. He issued several statements regarding this new development during JBU’s livestream of its annual Family Weekend on March 27.

JBU purchased the property at “a really good market price,” funded in part by generous donations, Pollard said. The Belmore Trust gave JBU the opportunity to purchase the manor. Furthermore, Pollard said that the manor will be undergoing repairs in the summer while it is vacant, which will help prepare it for future Ireland Studies program trips. The maintenance of the manor by JBU will “secure the Ireland program for the foreseeable future,” Pollard said.

The Ireland Studies program had been unavailable last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if conditions continue to improve, President Pollard said that the Ireland Studies program will become available as early as the upcoming fall semester.

Students who wish to apply for the next Ireland Studies program in Fall 2021 can contact Mindi Stevenson or the International Programs Office. Applications for the program are available both in-person and online. Traditional costs and aid are the same as living on JBU’s main campus for the semester. However, there is an additional fee of $1,600, which includes the “administration fee, book rental, and flight,” according to the university website. Work study programs are also possible.

John Brown University reached a new hallmark in projecting its mission of “Christ Over All” education by securing grounds in Belfast, Ireland. The purchase of Lakeside Manor also creates a stronger future for the growing Ireland Studies program. With the help of this new addition, JBU students involved in future Ireland Studies trips will be given an enriching educational opportunity.

Photo courtesy of John Brown University