Author: Noah Hackendorf


Starbucks Coffee shop to open in Siloam Springs

Starbucks is opening a new location in Siloam Springs, and questions exist as to what impact it will have on the local coffee scene. Zahra Maxwell, a sophomore in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, works as a barista at Pour Jon’s. “I think at first I was surprised something so big would […]


Romero declared first Latin American saint

Oscar Romero, archbishop of El Salvador from 1977 to 1980, became the first Latin American saint to be canonized by the Catholic church. An outspoken opponent of the nation’s civil war, Romero was assassinated while giving mass in 1980. Pope Francis officiated his canonization ceremony on Oct. 13 at the […]


Classism in media coverage of the Middle East

The death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been in the news a lot recently. It’s certainly a tragedy and is obviously something to mourn. The calls for sanctions on Saudi Arabia aren’t entirely inappropriate, independent of the politics of sanctions. However, I feel those in the news media need […]


Google employee attempts manipulation of search data

Some of Google’s internal company email chains revealed that in recent years, employees discussed tweaking the search engine so that pro-immigration content would show up higher than anti-immigration content. The idea was proposed in response to President Trump’s ban for seven Muslim-majority countries; however, according to a CNN article, Google […]


Drones enhance student perspective through aerial pictures

Drones provide a new perspective on campus moments and offer the opportunity to capture life in a unique way. The University Communications department at John Brown University uses two drones for their marketing campaign.  Julie Gumm, director of university communications, said they first made the push for a drone during […]


Giving voice welcomes faithful writers

Giving Voice is a writing festival in which three Christian artists from different mediums come to campus to showcase their work, provide workshops and discuss the relationship between faith and art. Jessica Hooten Wilson, Director of Giving Voice, says the festival “is about reminding people that in a dark, ugly, […]


Debate Team debuts discursive talent

On a recent Friday after class, the John Brown University debate team piled into a JBU minivan and drove five hours to the University of Arkansas at Monticello for a weekend of fast-paced research and argument with students from other colleges. The next morning, they dressed in their best business […]