Author: Grace Lindquist


USPS tracks social media for national security

Yahoo News released a story on April 21, reporting that the United States Postal Service has been using the legal and law enforcement arm of its operation to track and collect Americans’ social media posts. The program is known as iCOP or Internet Covert Operations Program and is searching for […]


Mental and neurological effects of COVID-19 in women

Throughout history, women and children have been society’s most vulnerable members. The negative mental health effects of COVID-19 have been no exception. While contracting the virus has complications and lasting physical consequences of its own, the anxiety and mental burden of the pandemic have affected nearly everyone. In a survey […]


How TikTok ruined music

Popstar Dua Lipa was joined by rapper DaBaby in the late 2020 song release “Levitating.” In the adjacent music video, they blatantly displayed why contemporary music is rapidly declining. Most of the video occurs in an elevator that allows trends into it, such as the Roller World. Lyrics refer to […]


‘Carry on the founder’s goal’: The history of the JBU Communication Department

Since the commencement of John Brown University in 1919, the study of communication has been ever-present on campus. Within the first month of the university’s opening, students were using the on-campus printing press to create their first newspaper, The Southwestern. Since the university was just starting out, students filled most […]


Somebody Messed with Texas

Unprecedented winter storms hit the country during the week of Feb. 14, and while John Brown University saw its share of problems last week, it was only a taste of what most Texans experienced.   More than 3 million people lost power, and four days after the initial outage, an […]


Twitter Receives Criticism for Censoring Biden Story

In the weeks leading up to the election, allegedly ground-breaking information about Hunter Biden was released by the New York Post, but it was not given priority on social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook are under fire for censoring stories and posts related to the story and the allegations. Republican […]

Election, Opinion

COLUMN: Go vote, JBU

Every four years, politicians, media personnel, authoritative figures, and fellow students urge us to vote as “this is the most important election of our lives.” While every election is important, the political climate that has evolved this year has made the coming election of the highest gravity. The next president […]


Breast Cancer Awareness Month during Coronavirus

Since 1985, October has been designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each year, athletes sport pink shoes, people run in fundraiser marathons and women all over the world wear pink ribbons. These efforts are all to increase awareness of breast cancer, to encourage preventative testing, to raise funds for research […]