Author: Riley Weaver


God’s ideals or American ideals?

Until coming to college, I did not consider the extent to which my identity as an American citizen affected my understanding of Christianity and of the Bible. Growing up in the Bible Belt of America, I was taught that America was founded on biblical truths. Inevitably, I viewed the Constitution […]


Christ demands Christians to look closer

Over the past three years, I have become increasingly aware of the present issue of racism in the United States. Growing up, I believed the myth that racism ended in 2008 when America voted into office the first African-American president. Since then, I have come to realize that this idea […]


Taking steps in activism

When Barack Obama became the 44th president of United States in 2008, some Americans believed this was the last page turned in the history of racism in America. Surely, electing an African-America man as president signified the beginning of a new age of integration. This was the position I unquestionably […]