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Tesla stays quiet over largest blackout in U.S.

Tech billionaire and business magnate Elon Musk attempted to address power outages in South Australia and Peurto Rico. Musk made good on promises to quell the recent spate of power outages plaguing Australia due to a recent storm. Well ahead of the 100-day schedule, Musk connected his massive lithium-ion battery […]


Gene editing tech raises ethical concerns

More than 50,000 known human genetic maladies exist, most of which have few treatments or cures. A new gene editing technique called Adenine Base Editing (ABE), developed by Broad Institute of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, could be the next step toward change. ABE not only excises unwanted […]


Latino Tires II treads a path for Main Street businesses

The well-driven asphalt of East Main Street in Siloam Springs brings trade and custom to numerous Latino shops and businesses. Their position between the economic hub of downtown and the manufacturing district is no accident, as many of these ethnically-diverse businesses developed 15 to 20 years ago. Pedro Villalo, owner […]


Columbia crosses conflict with culture

When Americans think of third-world countries, many imagine jungles or deserts with small villages and stagnant economies. But in the heart of the Amazon jungle, Colombia is a country that holds cities of millions. There, traditional labels like “third-world” no longer apply. John Brown University associate professor of Spanish Iván […]