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Danger of sports injuries continues to intensify

Walk it off. Push past the pain. Keep playing. Most athletes train themselves to overcome a certain amount of pain in order to keep playing their sport. High risk action and intensity in sports is becoming more and more of a problem. Concussions, spinal injuries, fractures, and various organ failures […]


Campus canines boost morale little by little

The quad on John Brown University’s campus has its very own “puppy man,” Corwin Lyttle, who shares his puppies with students. Corwin is the husband of another JBU student, Lindsey Lyttle. Not really knowing what to expect the first time he rescued some puppies, Corwin decided to bring the rescued […]


Local designer crafts hobby into mission

The children’s clothing industry thrives in downtown Siloam Springs. Heather Lanker founded Heather Hill Clothing is a retail company that caters to girls from the ages of two to seven. More than 10 years ago, Heather had a vision of the potential for kids clothing. This vision prompted Lanker to […]