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What Devotionals Mean for Christians

Which do you read more: daily devotionals or the Bible? This interesting and difficult question looks different for each Christian, but it contains an important concern. That is, the Christian community needs to be careful in not idolizing other forms of literature over the Bible but instead, use devotionals as […]


How Churches have Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the beginning of the pandemic, there was no predicting what the future would hold. It has been over 220 days – or several months – since we have been in a globally declared pandemic, and daily life looks different than ever before.

Specifically, church communities, elders and leaders have been extremely creative in their methods to connect with their members and […]


Students Respond to New Chapel Groups

With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the country, John Brown University has made adjustments to many activities across campus to comply with Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) health regulations – with a notable change being the introduction of chapel groups. In previous years, students would gather at the Cathedral […]


How Immigrants make John Brown University Better

Immigration is a seemingly controversial topic in society today. Why is this the case? What about people from different countries choosing a new home scares us? It is an honor to have more diversity, more perspective and more opportunities represented throughout the United States. It is an honor to host […]


Ministry Builds Communities for Foster Families

Nearly 424,000 children are in the United States’ the foster care system, with over five hundred children in foster homes in Northwest Arkansas alone. However, only 180 families are prepared to properly take care of these children. These devastating statistics negatively illustrate the impact on childrens’ mental health, communication skills […]

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How to Get Involved On and Off Campus

Through much creativity and planning, local organizations are working tirelessly to provide safe community events for all, even in the midst of a pandemic. In the upcoming weeks and months, mark calendars for local gatherings to connect with fellow residents in downtown Siloam Springs. Main Street Siloam Springs is hosting […]