Pining for a pinner

Gentlemen, think about all the women in the world there are to choose from. We ladies proudly represent a wide variety for you to pick through when it comes to picking out “The One.”

The cheerleader, the goth, the musician, the intellect, the homemaker, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. The list goes on. Times are changing, though, and this is your fair warning.

Rosie the Riveter and June Cleaver have been butting figurative heads for nearly a century, and up until recently, Rosie has really been able to boast a hefty lead. But here at JBU, it seems that the two walk hand-in-hand, balancing along the fine line between feminism and femininity.

JBU’s campus is flooded with ambitious young women that will undoubtedly leave their mark in the fields they are pursuing, but if you look around, this campus is producing more than just career-driven dames. From the aspiring therapist to the brilliant graphic designer, the campus is crawling with a new breed of woman: the pinner.

Fellows, what is a pinner? A pinner is a woman that explores virtual pin boards on the social media site Pinterest for crafting creations, new recipes to try, party planning ideas, fashion statements, almost all things girly.

But exploring isn‘t the only thing pinners do.

Pinners are then charged with actually crocheting the headband they found, or trying to make those double-chocolatey mochaccino cupcakes, even designing their own party invitations or even being bold enough to actually wear those mustard yellow tights with the purple booties (booties are types of women’s shoes boys; you’d do well to take note).

And as if that isn’t enough, pinners are also accountable for bringing new ideas to the pinning community. If you’re a pinner and you made Reese’s cookie cups last night and you didn’t post a picture of them with the recipe on your board…for shame, pinner, for shame.

JBU has pinners all over the place. In the classroom, computer monitors are not just for Facebook and Twitter anymore (sorry to be the bearer of bad news, teachers).

Let’s be honest men, you’ve checked your Facebook account a minimum of five times today; you’ve tweeted and re-tweeted #moretimesthanyouwouldliketoadmit, but the pinner takes social media to a new level.

Pinners are always logged on, diligently exploring board after board for their next fix.

Sit outside Walker for 30 minutes and you will see a girl that purchased a perfectly fine pair of TOMS, but made them her own by painting a garden on them or doodling a lawn gnome on the heel (yes, there has been a gnome sighting).

Breeze through Mayfield and you’ll surely find some of the neatest hand-crafted pillows.

Those are the work of a pinner.

Now, here’s some bad news: Pinterest has a wedding board.

Yes boys, Pinterest has taken wedding planning to a whole new level. You’re saying, “So what?” But you don’t understand, yet.

Pinterest has connected all brides and brides-to-be. It’s no longer simply picking out colors, flowers and a cake. Weddings have become a mode of expression; a way for the lucky couple to express their individuality because their love is so special and different from all other love (insert barf noise of your choice).

Now for the good news; pinners are some of the coolest women you’ll ever meet. They’re bold enough to try new things. They’re crafty and creative. And more often than not, they’re on Pinterest looking for cost-effective methods of cooking, crafting, organizing, wedding planning, decorating and so on.

So guys, you’ve been blessed with not only incredibly intelligent and driven ladies to sort through on this campus to find the Mrs. (insert last name here), but you’re also seeing these young ladies sculpt themselves into Suzy Homemakers. You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds.