Spring events lack Salsa spice

Many JBU students may be wondering, where did all the fun go?

JBU may have a plethora of exciting events this semester—the Talent Show, sports, and plays—but there is one thing they are missing. Why do we not have a salsa dance?

As far as I know, the salsa dance has taken place at JBU for the past four or five years in a row, each year being a complete success. The organizers of the salsa dance have always done a great and successful job.

The salsa dance has been a great way to get off campus, forget about homework, release some stress and most importantly, have fun.

The salsa dance best represents the Latino culture at JBU. Although Latinos are involved in different activities around campus, I would say the dance is the one in which they have a better chance to bring some of their culture and represent it at JBU.

The salsa dance is more than just a fun night out with friends. This is one of the few events that allows students to have a true interaction with the Latino culture. It is different than sitting and listening to presentations about south-of-the-border countries. It’s about getting involved in the real Latino thing. It’s the real deal.

In addition, the salsa dance has not only given an opportunity to share with others but it also has been a great bonding time for the different cultures represented at JBU.

Lastly, the salsa dance has provided a way to open people’s minds about dancing. It has proven that it is possible to dance and have fun in a Christian environment, causing people to have a different perspective about dancing.

I don’t really know why there won’t be a salsa dance this year, but I’m sure that by not having it, many people will be kept from getting to know more about the Latinos, while Latinos will be kept from sharing a part of their culture.

I heard rumors that the theme for the junior-senior banquet will be salsa. I obviously agree with that decision, but at the same time I know that it will not be the same and will not include all the Latino aspects that should go along with the salsa dance.

There will not be Latino input in that banquet since it’s not a dance after all. Maybe the salsa theme in the junior-senior banquet is the reason for not having the REAL salsa dance this year. Or maybe is the fact that the budget for this year’s activities is not enough.

If so, I don’t see why this would happen, knowing that the salsa dance has been included in the budget for several years already. Or maybe it’s the fact that student leaders who organized the salsa dance graduated and wouldn’t be able to take part of it this year. Well, I know there are a lot of people that would be willing to help this year, including myself.

I would love to hear from those in charge of organizing this type of activities in JBU and see if something can be done.