None of the above: the GOP is wasting a perfect presidential chance

Even though Super Tuesday was over a week ago, the Republican party is still unsure of their possible presidential nomination. And the vitriol continues to flow.

The Republican party is somewhat in shambles, imploding under the pressure of the 2012 presidential election. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

The Threefold Advocate urges the party to get its act together. At this rate it seems Obama will hardly have to run at all to win his reelection.

While each election cycle has its fair share of backbiting and mudslinging, 2012 takes the cake. The amount of bickering within the party is enough to make a decent Republican nauseous. This family feud has gone on publically and gone on far too long. All these factions within the party, of TEA partyers, Christian evangelicals, log cabin Republicans and any others, must work together if they really want to take the presidency back from the Democratic party.

With Romney and Santorum, two very different candidates, practically neck-to-neck and Gingrich holding on with sheer willpower until the Convention in August, it will be fascinating to see what happens and who wins. But this delayed decision only increases the disunity within the party. This extended primary election is only deepening the wedge between Republicans, which in turns raises cynicism within voters.

Romney is blah. Santorum is a nut. Gingrich is arrogant. And Paul, well, Paul’s a hoot, but no one wants to elect a hoot. And these are the nice things being said!

This power struggle within the party only weakens it at the end. This squabble between the candidates, their super PACs and all other party leaders must end if the end goal is to be accomplished: beating Obama come November.

The Threefold Advocate hopes that these politicians can be more noble than what’s shown on the media right now. Soon, someone has to drop out of the race, and the sooner the better. If the Republican party wants any chance of winning, they need to rally ‘round the flag together, giving one another time to lick their wounds and patch up alliances within the party. That’s the only way, and it already might be too late.