Introducing app future

There is now more information at the literal fingertips of smart phone owners at John Brown University. The University has recently released mobile application, powered through MOX. As part of the new app, downloaders can view maps of campus, event listings, top news stories and other information. Students can also see rosters from their classes.

Paul Nast, chief information officer, said the option to utilize the MOX program came bundled with the annual maintenance package from the University’s enterprise computer system vendor. This made it difficult to specify how much the app cost the University.

“There’s a big buzz behind apps,” he said. “If the University didn’t have one, we would be behind the times.”

He continued that the app is more convenient than students using a web browser on their smart phones. There are not as many layers to go through to access the information they want, and the interface is better formatted for a new screen. Students also have the option to follow links from the app to the website to read full articles or find out more information about events.

Nast said that it only took a couple of weeks to configure the University-specific information using the MOX template. He also added that it will be easy to upgrade in the future, perhaps to eventually include the capability for students to register for classes from their smart phones.

Freshman Shalene Green downloaded the app after seeing an ad on EagleNet. She said she loved having information so easily available and all in one place. One part of the app is a list of important phone numbers. From that list, Green said she could just hit one button to call the number she needed.

Nast said there is no way for the University to track how many students have downloaded the app. The link on the website was put up during Spring Break, and Nast had not yet heard of anyone having any problems with the app.

Students can get the University’s app through iTunes or by going to