Hogs fire Petrino

Bobby Petrino was dismissed from his position as the Razorbacks head football coach after the truth about his motorcycle crash and his inappropriate relationship with a 25-year-old staff member.

Jeff Long, Arkansas’ director of athletics, announced Petrino’s dismissal on Tuesday night.

Long also said that Petrino had hired Jessica Dorrell, the 25-year-old who was with Petrino when he crashed his motorcycle, on March 28 over 158 over applicants. He also gave her a gift of $20,000, though he did not specify if that money came from school funds.

Petrino had originally stated that he was alone when he crashed his motorcycle though four days later he was forced to admit that Dorrell was with him.
Long said the former coach had showed a “pattern of misleading and manipulative behavior to deceive me” and that the coach had “multiple opportunities over a four-day period to be forthcoming, and he chose not to.”

Petrino is leaving the Razorbacks with a record of 34-17 over his four years at Arkansas. He also took the team to their first BCS bowl game in the 2010 season.

Petrino said “I chose to engage in an improper relationship. I also made several poor decisions following the end of that relationship and in the aftermath of the accident. I accept full responsibility for what has happened.”

None of the former coach’s actions violated NCAA regulations.

“I’m disappointed with coach Petrino’s actions,” Long said. “I’m disappointed in his lack of judgment, his failure to tell me the truth of it.”