Join the cause

Since coming to JBU, I’ve experienced tremendous encouragement in my spiritual walk. The main ways I’ve received this encouragement are through chapel services three times a week, the Passion groups I’ve been involved in the last two years, the church I’ve attended here in Siloam, and professors and friends who continually uplift me by their words and actions.

However, the other principle source of my encouragement has come from my involvement in JBU’s student ministries program, Christian Ambassadors United for Service and Evangelism (CAUSE).

During my freshman year, I joined a ministry called Chai Time. The focus of this ministry was praying for missionaries and hearing about the work that they are doing around the world.

Although I am not a missionary kid and the farthest I’ve been out of the United States is Canada, I have a heart for missionaries and I thoroughly enjoy hearing stories of how God works in and through their lives. This is something that was instilled in me by my parents, who have supported several missionary families for many years and would frequently draw my attention to the work that our missionary friends were doing.

In the fall of my sophomore year, there was no leader for Chai Time as the previous leaders had either graduated or were pursuing other opportunities. After thinking and praying, I contacted last year’s CAUSE director, Rebekah Henderson, about revitalizing this ministry which had encouraged me throughout my freshman year. Following a meeting with her and assistant director of discipleship, Lisa Corry, I received the blessing to start up this ministry again in the spring.

Taking over this leadership position brought about a name change for the ministry as I wanted the title to be more reflective of what the ministry is all about. I eventually settled on Partners in Prayer, indicating that we are partnering with missionaries through our prayers. The ministry’s purpose is threefold: hearing stories from missionaries and missionary kids, praying for missionaries serving around the world, and opening our eyes to prayer needs in other countries. Each week a particular country is featured, utilizing Operation World’s prayer cards as well as connections with missionaries in order to make the meetings more personal.

I cannot fully express how blessed I’ve been to be able to participate in, and now lead, this ministry. Though our group is small, I look forward to gathering in the Walker prayer room each Monday night at 8 p.m. and hearing and sharing about something outside of school. As JBU students and servants in God’s kingdom, I believe it is important to take the attention off ourselves and focus on pouring into others. Each of the 11 CAUSE ministries give students an opportunity to embody this servant-mindedness that God calls every one of us to possess. I encourage all JBU students to find a CAUSE ministry that they’re passionate about and become part of God’s kingdom work. I promise that you will be blessed through the experience