Laundry laments

I am so glad to be at JBU. Almost as soon as I arrived, I was thrilled with the environment.

This is truly a place filled with Christ’s love. I am so grateful to be here to have the opportunity to better myself through higher education. I have made lifelong friends, met amazing professors, and learned so much. Overall I love John Brown and wouldn’t want to change very much about this awesome spirit-filled place.

However, there is one thing that causes a fire to burn within my soul. It is something I deeply despise, and something that ignites anger deep within in an unexplainable manner. (This is a bit of an over exaggeration, but hey…)

This thing I deeply loathe is the laundry system. I know this may seem petty, but every time I deposit a quarter into the laundry machines on campus my heart sinks a little. I think what bothers me most is that I do not know where the money I am putting into these machines goes. I am unaware of any immediate need on campus that can be filled by the $2.50 I spend on laundry.

In addition to the already somewhat high cost to wash, the machines often do not dry or wash my clothes completely the first time, causing me to pay additional quarters. The need for quarters is also an additional source of frustration for me personally, as I often find that the quarter machine in Walker is being repaired, which means I have to take a trip to WalMart to get quarters.

Also confusing to me is that I know of other private schools of roughly the same size who do not have to pay for their washer and dryer. Why is it that this need is not covered in our tuition? I cannot think of very many people on this campus who do not wash their clothing, and because of this I feel like as a student body this need should be funded. As a student who needs to wash their clothes, my opinion is that laundry should not be something student funded, but should be included room and board fee.

My budget is already pretty tight and the additional 10 dollars a month, though it seems like a small amount, really is frustrating.

I know its just laundry and of all the things in the world, it is a really small thing. However, I do wish there was a way that laundry could be funded by the school, or at least handled in a more efficient way.