Ice, ice, maybe

The clink of jewelry as it slides down a woman’s wrist.

The smell of fine perfume upon entering Macy’s.

The sound of heels clacking with sophistication across a hard floor.

Let me spare myself of sounding very high-maintenance…I do enjoy the finer things in life. Shopping the Promenade, nice linens, high thread count sheets, designer hair products, quality cuisine, and above all ice.

This probably seems a bit odd, but please follow me. Ice is a very applicable resource, one used most every day for a variety of purposes, from keeping something chilled, to soothing pain or soreness. Therefore, given that ice not only sustains healthy living, but feeds into a little sense of personal indulgence, I believe the installment of ice machines in residence halls would be brilliant.

Imagine it, athletes could ice up after practice, before bed, etc with ease and precision. Not to mention common ailments could be soothed without a trek to the Caf or even the nurse through easily accessible ice machines down the hall. Also, I believe this would be a good investment to make given the fact that while many people have fridges, few have freezers on campus.

If something needed to be chilled immediately (water before bed or a recently bought bottled drink) then ice machines would make this possible. I mean, hotels and other nice establishments have these, and they really lend a sense of class and convenience to life. Keep in mind that I do not suggest a reckless spending of University dollars to fund a seemingly whiny first world problem-I am merely suggesting the idea as an investment in the future.