Media ramps up for annual TP game

Last year, the John Brown University’s annual tradition of the Toilet Paper game went viral. A picture of University students even painted the Yahoo! sports page.

This year Robyn Daugherty, the University’s director of athletics, has been consumed with the preparations. She confirmed that all the local news sources will be at the event to cover the game. She hopes the event will get increased coverage, similar to last year.

In regard to national news coverage being present at the event, Daugherty said, “We would love to [have them] but we can’t force someone to come. If not this year, then maybe next year.”

Marquita Smith, assistant professor of journalism and head of the communications department, has a similar attitude.

“You never know if media is going to pick you up or not, but it is our hope that people will still be interested in our great tradition,” she said. “But we are making plans to make it available for people.”

The coverage has been meticulously planned for the event. A few alumni will be returning to provide play-by-play commentary for the internal feed. Four cameras will be at the event, providing footage for different venues, both internal and external.

One of the cameras will be feeding over the Internet. Fans that cannot physically attend the game can to watch the event via the University website.

For those who would rather enjoy the game audibly, the University is working on broadcasting it on KNWA radio station.

For an event as large as this one, many people must work together to make it come together. Smith describes it as “a real team effort.” A mix of students and faculty are combining to create this production.

“It’s a lot of people that work to pull this thing together,” Smith emphasized.

One of Smith’s favorite parts of the event is watching students get involved in the communication aspect.

“It’s exciting, it’s just another student run media and that is important to me,” she said. “We have students who are engaged in all areas of communication.”

Golden Eagle Productions, the University’s student-led club, is in charge of the camera work, production and commentary of the basketball games. They are one of the key players in making this event happen.

“It’s a big ordeal to get this kind of coverage from students,” Smith said.

For students interested in communication and film, Golden Eagle Productions are always looking for more participants. “You don’t have to be a major to be a part of this,” Smith said.

For more information on getting involved, contact Darren Gould.